Transcript - ABC Afternoon Briefing [1 October 2020]

October 01, 2020

"I do hope, though, that it is more than just a road map. We know that this Government is very good at making announcements but very rarely delivers on them."

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Transcript - ABC Afternoon Briefing [16 September 2020]

September 16, 2020

"I know this term is bandied around a lot and I hate using it – but we are in extraordinary times, and what makes this particularly extraordinary is that we’ve securitised health, so we’ve taken a security response to what is essentially a health issue."

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Transcript - ABC Afternoon Briefing [2 September 2020]

September 02, 2020

"I am not prepared to accept that the death of even one person is a necessary death in this. I think that we should be all working towards a COVID-free future, and one where every person, every life, is valued."

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Transcript - ABC Afternoon Briefing [19 August 2020]

August 19, 2020

"A hard border in WA, following the health advice, has kept West Australians safe. We watch what's going on in Victoria and New South Wales and we feel so bad for those states, but here in WA our economy is on the road to recovery."

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Opinion piece - The West Australian - Australia's cyber security [7 July 2020]

July 07, 2020

"To face the security challenges of the future, Australia will need higher defence capabilities. But it is vital that those capabilities are responsive to threats we’ll see in the 21st century."

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Transcript - ABC Afternoon Briefing [24 June 2020]

June 24, 2020

"I do think that we've kind of missed the ball here. We need to be looking at human behaviour and particularly human behaviour when it comes to health messaging and I think this crisis has really shed a light on that."

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