Opinion piece - The West Australian - Women in Parliament

March 19, 2021

"We can take action now to ensure that this ‘moment’ is not squandered. That will only happen if women, all women, can come together and rise above party politics with the acknowledgement that what hurts you, also hurts me."

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Media appearance - 9 News - Coercive control [7 March 2021]

March 07, 2021

"You start to internalise it... you start to believe that you're stupid. You start to believe that you're not a good wife."

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Media appearance - Q+A [4 March 2021]

March 04, 2021

"We keep talking about justice for the accused. What about justice for the victim?"

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Media appearance - A Current Affair [1 March 2021]

March 01, 2021

"That's how they attract people to their cause who get led down this rabbit-hole of radicalisation."

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Transcript - ABC Afternoon Briefing [17 February 2021]

February 17, 2021

"Today in Question Time, the Prime Minister talked about Ms Higgins having a choice. It's not a choice when your choice is to lose your job or go to the police. That's not a choice."

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Transcript - ABC Afternoon Briefing [25 November 2020]

November 25, 2020

"There is a huge consequence to pay, if you access and wipe out your super at a young age, and that consequence is the prospect of living in poverty as you age."

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