Federal Parliament - Women in Parliament

March 18, 2021

Dr ALY: All women deserve to feel safe in public, in workplaces, in their homes. Criminal or abhorrent behaviour and comments directed at women is a serious issue that needs urgent action, and members of parliament are not immune. I shall refrain from using some of the more disgusting language as I read out some of the comments I have received. One user wrote: 'I can't wait till Fraser Anning is our new Fuhrer and you will be sent to the ovens. One day soon we will be at your doorstep. We will take you and your family away to be loaded on a carriage. I can't wait for the Final Solution—train carriages packed full of Muslims heading to the ovens. It will be truly wonderful.' Another wrote, 'Aly, go back to where you came from, you spawn of the devil.' Another called me a 'terrorist supporter' and stated, 'I'm predicting that you will be shot dead at your local shopping centre carpark in the near future. Ha, ha.' Another wrote, 'Get f-"unmentionable word" ya autistic c-"unmentionable word". I'd be ashamed if my daughter was with a brown import popping out mud sharks. Crawl back in your hole, and f-"unmentionable word" off.' I have somebody who regularly writes to me addressing his letters to the 'ISIS whore', sending me vile racist material directed at Labor female MPs. Enough is enough.