Federal Parliament - Cowan schools

30 November 2021

Dr ALYI just want to give a shout-out to all the amazing schools, students, teachers, parents and school staff throughout the electorate of Cowan. This year the 2021 WA Premier's Secondary Teacher of the Year Award was won by Cowan's very own Charan Pabla from Girrawheen Senior High School. Charan believes education is a pathway to a better life and has a focus on making science and mathematics fun and interesting. Gosh, I wish she had been my maths teacher back in the day! Charan has inspired students to attend national and international youth science forums and pursue further studies in science and medicine. Well done, Charan. Congratulations. The 2021 WA Secondary School of the Year award was won by Ashdale Secondary College in Cowan. Go Ashdale! It's just down the road from my house, it's a great school community, and I've had the pleasure of getting to know them over the last five years. Congratulations, Ashdale. This is so well-deserved.

Just finally, it's a tough choice every year to choose my Christmas card competition winners, but congratulations to Asees from Hampton Park Primary School, Scarlett from Hawker Park Primary School and Aria from St Gerard's Catholic Primary School. Thanks to all the kids who entered. Your artwork was fabulous. Congratulations to all the winners this year from across the schools in Cowan.