Powering Communities Program

Powering Communities Program Main Image

A program that ran in 2021 to support energy efficiency in the local community

Under the Powering Communities Program, not-for-profit organisations in Cowan can receive a Commonwealth grant of between $5,000 and $12,000 to become more energy efficient. Uses for Powering Communities funding can include (but are not limited to):

  • replacing non-LED lighting with LED lighting;
  • installing on-site renewable energy and solar-connected batteries;
  • replacing a non-inverter air conditioner with a new inverter-driven one;
  • installing timers, sensors and digital controllers for electrical equipment and devices;
  • replacing existing hot water systems with new solar hot water heaters or air source hot water pumps;
  • replacing existing cooktops with new induction cooktops;
  • replacing existing refrigeration with new commercial refrigeration equipment.

Relevant documents can be found on the business.gov.au website - including a program factsheet, the full grant opportunity guidelines, and some FAQs.

Queries about how this grants process unfolded in Cowan? Feel free to call 9409 4517, or to email [email protected].