Federal Parliament - Mr Ted Nguyen & Mrs Oriel Green

June 16, 2021

Dr ALYI rise to acknowledge the contributions of two valued members of the Cowan community. Mr Ted Nguyen is the president of Westnam United Soccer Club. It's my pleasure to award Ted the Australian Government Certificate of Appreciation for Australian Volunteers 2021. As a young man, Ted played social football, or soccer, for the Vietnamese united team in the 1980s. He had a vision to expand the Vietnamese united soccer team, and with his leadership and drive they eventually incorporated and became the Westnam United Soccer Club. The Westnam United Soccer Club now has over 300 members and annually hosts the WA Asian cup at Westnam's home ground in Koondoola in Cowan. The team has also diversified its cultural base, and now includes a multitude of nationalities, including one-third refugees and migrants to Australia. As president of the Westnam United Soccer Club, Ted has also assisted other not-for-profit organisations by sponsoring them as the auspicing body to help them secure community grants. Ted has been a member of the WA chapter of the Vietnamese Community in Australia for the last 10 years. During that time, he has volunteered in a myriad of ways, including for the annual Tet festival, attending local government multicultural meetings and supporting Vietnamese senior citizens. Congratulations, Ted.

Mrs Oriel Green from Girrawheen was recently awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia for service to the Indigenous community of Western Australia. Oriel Green is a valued and beloved elder in our community. She excels in bringing people together and making them feel a strong bond of belonging to Australia as an ancient land. In 2018 she led a cultural tour for local residents, including teachers and public servants, to increase their understanding, participation and appreciation of Indigenous connection and respect for the land of our ancestors. Oriel's work in the Northern Suburbs Reconciliation Group and the City of Stirling Reconciliation Action Plan has been at the forefront of ensuring First Nations issues and respect for First Nations people have developed. Her wise counsel is often sought. Her participation in the Follow the Dream program has been recognised throughout Western Australia. Her dedication to the local community has seen her awarded the Aboriginal Elder of the Year at the Mirrabooka NAIDOC event.

I'd like to send my congratulations to both Ted and Oriel. You embody all that is great about the Cowan community. I thank you for the service that you have done for our community and the service that you continue to provide for everyone in our community.